Who Do You Trust?

You trust a XENON® dealer because their goal is to make you a lifelong client. In order to do that, they do a complete evaluation of your home-comfort system to determine exactly what type of system you need. After they're done with their evaluation, they'll sit down with you and recap their findings. XENON dealers will take the time to answer all of your questions and work with you to design "your" optimum home-comfort system.

It's these thorough evaluations of home-comfort systems and sit-downs with homeowners that provide XENON the knowledge to produce their quality, long-lasting products. XENON takes the input it receives from the field to invest in stronger materials, cutting-edge engineering, and leading home-comfort technology to develop its products.

CHPF A Xenon<sup>®</sup>

Who Do You Trust With Your Home Comfort and Safety?

In creating a rugged new product line to serve the indoor air comfort needs of today's residential homes, we relied heavily on the "real world" experiences of seasoned Field Technicians. After all, who knows every brand of furnace, air conditioner, humidifier or zoning system from the inside out and outside in? Who knows each unit's strengths and weaknesses, large and small? Who should be the natural expert when it comes to getting ideas for creating the best equipment to meet the most demanding standards? And most importantly, who is the person you trust when it comes to your family's comfort and safety?


So based on the input of Service Technicians nationwide, XENON has invested heavily in tougher materials, state-of-the-art precise engineering, and 21st century home-comfort technology. Each piece of XENON equipment is built as rugged as a battleship, with operating efficiency that's custom designed at your home, not the factory.


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