What's a XENON®?

CAPF A XenonGDMsplit XenonXENON® (pronounced ZEE-non) offers a premier line of air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and packaged comfort systems. Built to be the first choice of Professional Service Technicians nationwide, you'll hear about XENON only from friends or neighbors who own one, or Professional Service Technicians who install or maintain them.

GM80 XenonYou see, unlike national name brands that must spend millions on advertising, you'll never hear or see an advertisement for XENON products. That's because we prefer to invest our customers' hard earned and carefully spent money on higher quality materials and parts and not on glitzy advertising campaigns. If it's important to you to see the name of your furnace or air conditioner on TV or in magazines, then XENON is not for you.


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